Rakastan sinua kyyneliin – Cry Tears of Happiness

Documentary, 28min
Script, direction, edition: Jari Kokko
Photography: Joona Pettersson
Sound: Kyösti Väntänen
Executive producer: Kari Vatanen / Zerkalo Oy
Producer: Jari Kokko / Kinokokko
In cooperation with: AVEK / Timo Korhonen SES / Elina Kivihalme YLE / Sari Volanen
TV premiere: YLE/Uusi Kino 2014

Russian national anthem rings out in a sunny pine forest in Seliger- lake. Putin and Medvedev smile indulgently, when thousands of young people do aerobic, listen to lectures on family values and healthy life, dance and fall in love. No one drinks, smokes or steals.

The sun is shining. People are young, beautiful and healthy. Putin’s young people in the camp are going through as an utopia. The only dissonant is a rock legend Yury Sevchuk.

Trailer Rakastan sinua kyyneliin (Cry tears of happiness) on Vimeo: http://vimeo.com/97218332
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RakastanSinuaKyyneliinCryTearsOfHappiness

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